Capabilities for a Distributed, Connected World.

XKG provides leading-edge Digital Learning services and solutions.


At XKG, we understand the power that modern technology brings to distributed learning outcomes. Since 2014, we’ve been providing cutting- edge digital solutions across the full spectrum of services from Instructional Design to Production and Technical Services.


We are a blended team of teaching, graphics, systems, and production experts; here to help build and deliver world-class digital learning solutions. We are driven by the delivery of high quality learning products, and it is our mission to support and develop the future of accessible education.


We believe in making effecting learning available to anyone, anywhere, anytime through the innovative use of technology.

Our services include Instructional Design, Production, and Information Systems.


Instructional Design is at the heart of all effective learning outcomes. We focus on the learner first, and build out Digital Learning solutions to fit. We’re proud of this design-first approach, and have seen it succeed across many clients and years of experience.


Production, specifically high-quality production, ensures learners are engaged and motivated to continue learning. Our video production heritage and expertise enable us to offer our clients a complete service for professional-grade production.


Information Systems are critical to ensuring the success of any distributed learning solution. We provide the full gamut of support functions to enable digital learning, from platform and systems development to facilitation and management.

Instructional Design

XKG creates distributed learning outcomes from first principles or existing materials.


XKG are experts in comprehensive and flexible Instructional Design, focussing on learning design and development to meet the business objectives of organisations and needs of their people.


We deliver our Instructional Design services with a digital-first mentality – enabling organisations to gain benefits through increased efficiency, knowledge retention, and learner engagement.

Training Strategy Development


XKG designs and delivers tailored training solutions that adopt a holistic and human- centric approach. Our Training Strategy development services offer our clients insightful best-practices, derived from decades combined strategic experience.

Learning Needs Analysis


We focus on individual learners to establish and define learning needs, building a picture of an organisation’s requirements from the ground-up. We develop an understanding of the unique needs of each learner to build a tailored and effective training program

Gamification & Digital Enablement


Enabled by new digital technology, traditional training methodologies have advanced to increase learner engagement and retention through gamification. XKG’s Instructional Design leverages opportunities for gamification enabled by these new digital technologies.

Data-Driven Learning Assessment


XKG understands the need to integrate feedback into learning outcomes, which enables continuous improvement of both the learner and courseware. Our training and assessment capabilities are enabled by data, providing insights to improve holistic learning outcomes.