XKG’s depth of experience in the logistics domain is supported by its team of highly qualified and respected subject matter experts.


XKG’s Logistics SMEs have a deep and holistic understanding of the intricacies involved in managing the sourcing and procurement of materials, transportation of goods and the negotiation of contracts and services to satisfy end-users. We design and scale supply chains on a global level, and hold the project management and negotiation skills required to solve complex business problems.


Our experience is centred around the successful implementation of cutting-edge supply models within traditional Integrated Logistics Support frameworks.



  • Integrated Logistics Support Management
  • Supply Chain Analysis & Inventory Optimisation & Planning
  • Reliability and Maintenance
  • Failure Mode, Effects, & Criticality Analysis (FMECA)
  • Problematic Items of Supply (PIOS) (including Work Health Safety issues)
  • Logistics Support Analysis
  • Facilities Requirement Analysis & Planning
  • Facilities Program Governance & Delivery Support
  • Codification Services

Case Studies


SmartBuyer Principles Implementation for Land Systems through the Commodity Reform Program

XKG provided subject-matter expertise to reduce the cost of procuring approximately 70,000 commodity items, as well as the total cost of ownership for these products across the Defence supply chain. This program is enabled by 4th Party Logistics services to manage the acquisition, storage and distribution of commodities to Defence -driving efficiencies across the whole logistics network.


Implementation of Technology-Driven Supply Chain Reform for Joint Logistics Command

XKG has worked alongside JLC to deliver significant cost savings in its supply chain through the implementation of SAP to drive efficiencies in purchasing and distribution. These cost savings also came with significant improvements in customer service, accountability, and governance; and enabled enhanced reporting capabilities to ascertain real-time operational readiness.


Logistics Operations Support within Aerospace Material Systems Program Office (AMSPO)

XKG provides full-service logistics operations capabilities, including at operator levels. Its role within AMSPO (now ATACSPO) included inventory management services and is capable of autonomously delivering services seamlessly alongside other contracted and Defence personnel, including the prime contractor.


Logistics Support to Clothing Systems Program Office (CLOSPO)

XKG supports the CLOSPO ADF Uniform Program across planning, logistics support and introduction into service continuums. XKG utilised its deep Defence supply chain management expertise to accurately forecast sustainment requirements and provide a skills uplift to the CLOSPO Defence team.


Integration and Codification for Information Assurance Systems Program Office (IASPO)

XKG supports the adoption of the ISREW-L System into MILIS, including codification of local and internationally sourced items under ITAR controls. XKG personnel are responsible for the building of the MILIS catalogue record for new items introduced into MILIS, including completing MILIS Problematic Items of Supply (PIOS) process.


Defence Materiel Logistics Transformation

XKG led the strategy setting for the transformation of Defence’s Materiel Logistics Business Intelligence and Information Systems, including the integration with in-train Defence programs of Enterprise Resource Planning and Enterprise Information Management.