XKG has established itself across six core advisory functions: Program & Project Management, Information Communications Technology, Logistics, Commercial, Engineering and Training. Our teams of specialist and cross-functional professionals have extensive experience assisting both public and private sector organisations.


We combine breadth and depth of knowledge in latest-trend technical capabilities with relevant industry insights to offer pragmatic and useable advice.

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XKG provides leading Program & Project Management services across a broad range of dynamic project environments, ever aware of the growing pressures from customers and stakeholders to achieve. Our customer-focused management style, employing the most appropriate methodologies to the task, ensure project outcomes always exceed expectations.


We offer our clients solutions ranging from individual project resources through to large outsourced PMOs on deliverables-only basis.


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XKG operates in some of the most demanding ICT environments in the world, supporting systems and outcomes that help to maintain law, order, public security, and national security. This high-stakes experience has shaped our approach towards delivering the very best quality systems on-time, and has provided our personnel with broad exposure to leading edge technologies.


Our team has experience ranging from small deployments in agile project environments to implementation of some of Australia’s largest and most complex billion-dollar IT programs.


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XKG’s logistics subject-matter experts have a deep and holistic understanding of the intricacies involved in managing the sourcing and procurement of materials, transportation of goods and the negotiation of contracts and services to satisfy end-users. We design and scale supply chains on a global level, and hold the project management and negotiation skills required to solve complex business problems.


Our experience is centred around the successful implementation of cutting-edge supply models within traditional Integrated Logistics Support frameworks.


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XKG understands that investing, delivering and maintaining best value for money is so much more than just completing a successful procurement. We operate our Commercial Advisory from a whole-of-life perspective, conscious of the many dependent and often complex interactions needed to achieve operational maturity across the capability’s entire lifecycle.


Our hand-on knowledge, deep analytical insights, and broad industry experience offer impartial advice and delivery assurance.


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XKG applies robust systems engineering processes to assure delivery of successful innovation projects. We focus on generating high-quality requirements up front, derived from in-depth studies and extensive customer engagement. From these requirements we draft detailed designs, which describe a clear and concise framework for a progressive implementation within the required operational environments.


Our Engineering Management subject-matter experts manage the realisation of the capability in alignment with customer requirements and best-practice.


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XKG designs and delivers tailored training solutions that adopt a holistic and human-centric approach

XKG’s extensive delivery experience has developed a strong Training capability for our clients. XKG understands that a high-quality training program help develop skills & knowledge in people, resulting in improvements for the organisation.